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Amazing Art Shuttle is a vibrant and energetic art education company, seeking to inject fun and excitement into Singapore’s Art Education scene. Led by a house full of young minds, we offer fresh, original concepts and ideas, striving to bring about engaging and interactive art events, workshops and programmes to the mass public.

Thank You for Your Support

Hello Everyone! Thank you for supporting Amazing Art Shuttle for a decade!

This is our 10th year shuttling around Singapore to bring art to our heartlands and in

September 2019, we will be saying goodbye to our wonderful heartland classes.

Unfortunately, it is a pity to bid our goodbyes but for all who had been with us and even new comers,

we are moving over to ART WONDERLAND ! We will continue our art classes journey over there!

   Head over to to find out more about our Studio Art Classes. 

We are very thankful and grateful to have created so many Amazing memories with you all. 

See you around! 


Little Artists


Our Little Artists’ classes are specially designed for children aged 3.5 – 7 years old. The classes aim to expose your child to a fun and interesting Art experience. Suitable for beginners, they will be introduced to the concept of drawing using shapes and lines. The media taught during the classes would vary from water-colour paints, oil pastels, soft pastels, clay and even crafts. Our classes not only seek to expose your child to various fun and engaging media but also help to improve their self- confidence in the way they express themselves. From the classes, they learn how to express their ideas into visuals and also gain confidence when they see their motor skills improve. We believe in helping children transform into happy, creative and expressive all-rounders.

Highlights :

  • Improve their motor skills through weekly drawing and craft activities
  • Learning to draw confidently using shapes and lines
  • Various media such as water-colour paints, oil pastels, soft pastels, or charcoal
  • Introduction of different themes each week such as animals, marine creatures, humans, vehicles and many more.
  • Interactive craft such as pop-up cards and clay magnets
  • Lessons infused with social and moral elements, such as Love and Respect, Environment-awareness and Racial Harmony
  • Introduction of Artists and their artworks

Amazing Artists


Our Amazing Artists’ classes are designed as a continuation from our Little Artists’ classes. They are suitable for children who have been attending the beginner classes and also cater to new students from the age of 7 years old and onwards. These classes build on the foundation of the Little Artists’ classes and seek to reinforce concepts that they have been introduced to such as perspective, shading and creative drawing. They will learn more in-depth skills to help them fuel their creativity such as drawing from realism, independent drawing, shading and blending skills and the understanding of perspective and proportion. Further exposure to different Artists will be given, and they will be encouraged to understand the various Art Concepts such as Abstraction, Expressionism, Realism and Colour Theory. We aim to further develop these budding artists into confident, expressive artists!

Highlights :

  • Reinforce their foundation from the Little Artists’ classes
  • More in-depth skills such as drawing from realism, independent drawing, shading and blending
  • Further exposure to different Artists and their Art concepts
  • Understanding concepts such as Abstractions, Expressionism, Realism and Colour Theory
  • Various media such as poster-colour paints, markers, soft pastels, charcoal, graphite pencil and acrylic paint

Location Address Classes
Bukit Panjang 101 Bt Panjang Road, Cashew Senja CC Monday
Time : 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Time : 7.30pm – 9.00pmTuesday
Time : 5.30pm – 7.00pm

Blk 180 Lompang Road, Cashew zone 2 RC

Time : 9.30am – 11.00am
Time : 11.30am – 1.00pm
Bukit Batok

1 Hillview Rise, Hillview Community Club

Jurong East

Blk 223A Jurong East Street 21, Yuhua Zone 4 RC

Time : 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Location Address Classes


Blk 158D #01-671 Rivervale Crescent, Rivervale Horizon RC

Time : 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Time : 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Time : 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Blk 193 Rivervale Drive, Rivervale CC

Time : 7.30pm – 9.00pm


Location Address Classes

Blk 12 Cantonment Close #01-15, Cantonment Tower RC

Time : 7.00pm – 8.30pm



September 2015!

ZOOM” Children’s Art Exhibition: Celebrating our Nation’s Jubilee Through the Eyes of Our Children

Dates: 11, 12, 13 September 2015
Time: 1pm – 9pm, 10am – 8pm, 10am – 5pm respectively
Venue: DECK @ 120A Prinsep Street S187937

Join us for refreshments on 13 Sept Sunday, 12pm!

ZOOM is happening very soon! Join us on 11 – 13 September for an exciting art-packed weekend at the DECK, hosted by Amazing Art Shuttle! Enjoy the works of Amazing Art Shuttle students, celebrating our nation’s Golden Jubilee with a wide array of artworks in different mediums.

Bring along friends and family for the day and get creative with art and craft activities lined up! Enjoy a festive weekend with balloon sculpting and face painting, or get really hands-on and creative with our Outdoor On-The-Spot Art Competition!



Singapore in Progress!
11 & 13 Sept: 2 – 4pm, 12 Sept: 4 – 6pm
Have a part in building our community in Singapore! Interact with the installation of Futuristic Singapore on showcase and create your own unique neighborhood character. Place it around the artworks to create a busier and livelier neighbourhood!

Faces of Singapore!
11 & 13 Sept: 4 – 6pm, 12 Sept: 2 – 4pm
Singapore mascots such as Singa the Lion and Water Wally educated the public about courtesy and water conservation. Create your own special mask-mascot that will help Singapore to be a better place in the future!

Balloon Sculpting & Face Painting & Photobooth
11 Sept: 1pm – 6pm, 12 & 13 Sept: 11am – 6pm
Enjoy the day with balloons and face painting and get your picture taken with your loved ones to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee to take home as a special memory!

Outdoor On-The-Spot Art Competition
13 Sept: 11am – 12pm, results at 1pm
For all young artists aged 4 to 12 years, we invite you to DECK for Amazing Art Shuttle’s on-the-spot Art Competition 2015! This year’s theme “ZOOM!” commemorates Singapore’s 50th birthday. Share with us how you think Singapore will ZOOM forward. Tell us your hopes and dreams for Singapore in the future by drawing it out! The best visionary will take home a special prize. Refreshments are provided.
Materials Provided: A3 Plain white drawing paper
Recommended materials: Dry mediums such as crayons, pencils, colour pencils. If using watercolour paint, do bring along other necessities (containers, paintbrushes, etc) as we only provide drawing paper. Bring along your umbrellas and picnic mats for a more comfortable session.




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June 2014

Medium at Large

Medium at Large Second Edition: Art Immersive Workshop

Here’s our second edition of Medium at Large art immersive workshops with the kids! Lots of great exploration works of different mediums were created in their very own sketchbooks. Many ideas were explored on their canvases and of course, they got to use their favourite medium 🙂

Check out their works here! If you wish to join us on another workshop together with your child, fret not, we have one upcoming this Sunday 29 June – UNEARTHED – that you can join together as a family!

UNEARTHED exhibition!

We invite all family members, parents, children and elderlies down to Singapore Art Museum this Sunday 29 June 2014 to create your very own sculptures! Inspired by two artworks in UNEARTHED exhibition, explore the different ways of using paper instead of the conventional drawing on paper in our Paper Sculpture Workshop (1 – 2.30pm). And perhaps join us to learn a new medium using plaster clay and acrylic paint to re-create household objects and find new meaning in used objects in Repurposed Sculpture Workshop (3 – 4.30pm).

Join us for both (or either or) workshops and get creative with your family! Do have a look at this poster on how to be registered for these workshops. Cost of one workshop is $15 for one set that can be shared by one parent and child. See you then!



National Day Open House @ Singapore Art Museum

Amazing Art Shuttle and the museum is celebrating National day with a kaleidoscope, collaborative mural and an experience in the dark!

This open house is inspired by SAM’s current exhibition Sensorium 360, where it explores all of our senses and how it plays a great part in navigating and exploring our world around us.

Hari Raya Open House @ Singapore Art Museum

Learn about Medium at Large, Singapore Art Museum’s current exhibition, through our art activities! This open house may be our most diverse workshops as yet, as we are using so many different mediums. Come explore the mediums of string, paper, sandpaper and paint with us and enjoy the festive spirit of Hari Raya!


Party 1

Party 2

Yearning to host a spectacular birthday party for your child this year? Look no further! The Amazing Art Shuttle will bring your child’s party to a new level with our creative art ideas.

Be it a Princess theme, Beach theme or a Dinosaur theme, we will cater our art activities according to your child’s request. We can work around your party’s needs: be it a gathering in your home or at a function hall.

Your child will not only get to celebrate his/her birthday with friends but also get to bring home a wonderful birthday souvenir! There’s no need to crack your head over how to entertain your child this year; just give us a holler!

Activities include:

  • Simple games (musical chairs, colour twister)
  • 1.5 hrs of Art Craziness
  • Painting or craft session (think funky photoframes, sparkly-sequin bookmarks or mask making, etc)

Materials will be provided. For more information please contact Lena at 90289033 or Joanne at 91807273 . You may also email us at


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About The Company

Amazing Art Shuttle Pte. Ltd. is a vibrant and energetic art education company, seeking to inject fun and excitement into Singapore’s Art Education scene. Led by a house full of young minds, we offer fresh, original concepts and ideas, striving to bring about engaging and interactive art events, workshops and programmes to the mass public. We are always on the lookout for new collaborations and partnerships with different Art corporations or companies to work with. Over the past 5 years, we have worked with both private and government bodies to bring innovative and engaging art programmes to Singaporeans.

Aside from events, we provide weekly quality art classes to children living in the heartlands. We aim to bring about a better understanding of the benefits of art through an immersive and integrated learning curriculum.

Testimonials Corporate


Brands we worked with


Amazing Art Shuttle has conceptualized and curated two in-house exhibitions, ‘Worlds from Within’ at Arts House (2012) and ‘Joyride’ at National Library Board (2013), showcasing original works created by our students in our regular art classes. We also had the opportunity to tailor creative art workshops and activities according to the requests of our various clients, such as Affordable Art Fair Pte. Ltd, Singapore Art Museum, National Heritage Board, Housing Development Board, People’s Association, Peek-a-Boo Playground and such.

In House Exhibitions (2012 & 2013)


May 2013 – ‘Joyride’
National Library

This exhibition showcased our students’ works, which were created and brainstormed in our weekly lessons. It was in collaboration with Student Advisory Centre, a children’s charity, and supported by National Library Board, showcasing our students’ interpretation of the word ‘Joyride’. Art activities were held around the National Library such as brooch making and a collaborative mural.

May 2012 – ‘Worlds from Within’
Arts House

This exhibition offered a glimpse into the inner worlds of our students. The canvases were a four week long project and the various interpretations of 200 works were exhibited at the end. This exhibition was a great experience and exposure for the children and they gained a wonderful sense of accomplishment through their hard work. This exhibition was also accompanied by art activities, promoting parent and child bonding


Corporate Events

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Contact Us

Send us an inter-galatic mail to let us know what you are thinking! We may be busy shuttling around Singapore, but we will always find time to read our mails back at our headquarters.

At The Amazing Art Shuttle, we always welcome your feedback. We take pride in thinking of the best ways to teach your child. Thus feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome. They will help us improve on our programmes and services to bring about an even better experience for your child.

The Amazing Art Shuttle (Main Office)
261 Waterloo Street, #03-33
Waterloo Centre, Singapore (180261)

Tel : (+65) 6909 0821 / 9028 9033 / 9841 2308
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